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Show important processes and machine operations

through animations

Show movement

and interactions

between machines and processes

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Insight and understanding in movement

and processes

See impact on design and processes

View animation
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Insight in parts

position and workings

Training program

View animation
Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Convince the customer and stakeholders

Include your USP.


Virtual Reality / Animation

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technique in which a new representation of the world is shown.

VR & Animations are used to clearly communicate operations, processes and actions with the different stakeholders (customers, engineers). This provides valuable information about the ease of use of an application, the preferred operating direction (also with regard to other systems, current layout, products flows, etc).

This offers the opportunity to review the entire process with e.g. engineers, customers, project management, general management etc. with less chance of (costly) errors that would have to be fixed later. It also gives the opportunity to better optimize various processes (even before they are designed or put into use).

Animation of conveyor system

Animation of an industrial process. This demonstrates and shows the robot movements in cooperation with a transport and palletizing system.

The interaction of the vision system (camera inspection) with the transport system is shown to provide a complete understanding of the different movements, processes and interactions.

Explainer Animation ultrasonic welding

Explainer video showing the various parts used for Ultrasonic Welding. This is used as part of a training program used to inform staff about the important parts and operational functions required for Ultrasonic Welding.

The various components included are the (a) Power supply, (b) Transducer / Converter, (c) Booster, (d) Welding horn / Sonotrode, (e) Anvil / Holding fixture and the (f) Pneumatic system.

Parts are shown in a fly-by where the parts are shown in their respective positions.