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Mixed Reality

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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) adds virtual reality to real world data. With MR a virtual design (building, machine, etc) can be placed in the environment. The virtual reality data can interact with the real world environment.

Through Mixed Reality, virtual concepts machines or processes can be shown on top of real world data. This creates new experiences, environments and visualizations.

By developing mixed reality applications complex concepts and machines can be visualized. This helps companies to leap to the forefront of its field.

Rather than offering a (paper) leaflet, presentation or even a video, just imagine being able to physically present real-life 3D concepts where the real world co-exists with the digital one, allowing users to walk around, look inside and fully interact with objects as if they were real.

Augmented Reality Machine Presentation

Mixed Reality Machine Presentation

Mixed Reality Machine

The virtual machine included robots and flexible shuttles (Flexible Manufacturing System). The shuttles move independently. Both robots and shuttles interact. For demonstration purposes the machine is being built up, showing the initial booth. The virtual machine is displayed on demand.

The robot data (robot performance) is extracted directly from the virtual machine and reacts to changes. When the user adjusts the movement, the robot performance data will also be adjusted.

The robot movements and speeds can be adjusted by the operator. Everything is completely virtual.

Mixed Reality Architecture

Mixed Reality Architecture

A virtual building, projected onto the final environment. The model can be adjusted during the virtual presentation.

In this way, both the design and any adjustments can be evaluated very quickly.

Changes can be implemented and shown immediately. Any "installations" and interior(s) can also be included in the presentation and evaluated separately.


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